Archival Scanning

"The cheapest holes are the ones you've already drilled." 

The scanning of core and cuttings archives is an important effort for many companies. It not only protects the original drilling investment, but  invariably re-invents the original archive for synthesis with new/old data and the building of new models based on Corescan results.

  • Core/cuttings collections acquired in company  sales and JV deals can be scanned and assessed for value in future exploration/development
  • Scanned core repositories add value to a company’s assets providing consistent, accurate deposit information
  • The physical loss of a repository (natural disaster, human error) is blunted by the digital Corescan repository

Even if the core rots from its box or the cuttings are dumped back into a sump – the measured mineralogy, texture and visual imagery of the core and cuttings remain for future investigations (both economic and geological).