Corescan coming to Queensland

20 Mar 2017

The Queensland government and Corescan are facilitating an advanced exploration technology trial in the Northwest Minerals Province

Beginning in late March, Corescan will place one of our mobile hyperspectral core imaging laboratories into the William Campbell Mills Core Repository in Mt. Isa (summary article from the North West Star). Participants will gain access to Corescan’s technology and services. This includes collection of high resolution, hyperspectral core imaging, RGB photography and laser profiling of core, chips, handsamples or other rock material as well as collaboration with our expert geologists on processing and analysis of collected data. Results will be visualized in and accessed by participants on

For more information, or to register interest in this trial, please contact Corescan or the Queensland government directly; requests for visits/tours/demos are also welcome:

Advanced Exploration Technology Trial - Northwest Minerals Province