Corescan and CSIRO Sign a Technology Alliance for the Future Development of HyLogger and TSG

13 Sep 2017

Corescan and CSIRO have entered into a technology alliance that will deliver a coordinated roadmap for future developments of HyLogger, the automated infra-red (IR) core logging system, and TSG, the hyperspectral IR processing software.

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HyLogger, which provides hyperspectral analysis of the mineralogical composition of drill cores using the visible, near IR, short wave IR and long wave IR spectrum, was developed by CSIRO over a 15 year period and was transferred to Corescan in June 2017.  Corescan has commenced a comprehensive R&D programme to extend the capabilities of the current HyLogger instrument (HyLogger-3) with the release of the next generation HyLogger-4 scheduled for early 2018.

TSG (The Spectral Geologist, developed by CSIRO) is a powerful spectral analysis toolset that seamlessly works with HyLogger output.  The latest version (TSG-8) was recently released which offers a host of new features for improved and enhanced geological interpretations of HyLogged drill core, a simpler online licencing system and the amalgamation of three separate modules into a single version.  Corescan’s new HyLogger-4 capabilities will be met with extended features in TSG ensuring the continued development of two world class tools that bring the power of geological interpretation to the spectral geologist.

The use of TSG as the preferred processing platform for HyLogger data is widely supported by industry, and both Corescan and CSIRO are committed to ensuring that HyLogger and TSG’s development roadmaps are aligned.  Under the agreement, Corescan and CSIRO will share development roadmaps to ensure the future capabilities of both products are maximised and that the products remain tightly integrated.


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