Corescan Pty Ltd is a global services company specialising in the scanning, analysis and interpretation of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples for the mining, oil and gas, geothermal and geotechnical industries. As a service driven company, Corescan seeks to be the partner of choice for companies that demand greater objectivity, quality, efficiency and return from their investment in drilling.

Incorporated in Australia in 2000, Corescan is a leader in:

  • the design, development and operation of high resolution hyperspectral imaging systems,
  • provision of mineralogical and geochemical interpretations
  • delivery of turn-key drill core logging and mapping services.

Our end to end approach encompasses on-site scanning and interpretation through to comprehensive geological assessments and reports; enabling our clients to make more effective and timely exploration or project decisions. Corescan is committed to service quality, underpinned by a focus on technological innovation to ensure our products enhance the value of our client's exploration, mining and geotechnical activities.

Corescan is an Australian private company with its head office located in Perth, Western Australia, offering services globally including our new satellite office in Santiago, Chile. 

Our Services

The logging of drill core is one of the most important aspects of mineral exploration. Corescan provide a turn-key drill core scanning, processing and interpretation service, using specialist geoscientists and the latest hyperspectral scanning technology. Our logging services are available both onsite, or via a local bureau facility.

Corescan's proprietary Hyperspectral Core Imager Mark III (HCI-3) is the cornerstone technology used in the company's core scanning services. HCI-3 integrates reflectance spectroscopy and visual imagery to enable the geologist to make more systematic, consistent interpretations of the mineral content of the core, with the ability to identify and log minerals which could not otherwise be identified in a pure visual logging approach.

Traditionally, core logging records only the geologists interpreted results, and not the original sample, making re-interpretation at a later time difficult, time consuming and rarely undertaken. Corescan's drill hole library service allows records to be assessed globally, and enables historic holes to be viewed, re-assessed and re-interpreted.

Corescan's services include:

  • Logging and analysis of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples
  • Acquisition of high resolution hyperspectral and visual imagery
  • Processing, mapping and interpretation
  • Digital drill core library management
  • Bureau based scanning and interpretation facilities
  • Onsite mobile laboratories with near real-time results