Automated Mineralogy and Texture

Corescan is a global services company, with offices in Australia, Chile, Mexico and the USA, specializing in automated mineralogical and textural analysis of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples for mining, oil and gas, geothermal and geotechnical applications. Corescan provides turn-key core logging services, both at regional bureaus and on-site coreshed, mine or drill pad locations, using specialist geoscientists and advanced hyperspectral imaging technology.

Corescan’s Hyperspectral Core Imager Mark III (HCI-3) integrates high resolution reflectance spectroscopy (0.5mm), visual imagery (0.05mm) and 3D laser profiling to map mineralogy and geochemistry related to multiple exploitation phases from greenfield exploration through to ore processing and mine optimization. 

HCI-3 provides geologists, metallurgists and mine engineers with a rapid and reliable digital record of a drill hole. This includes not only image-based mineral and textural maps, but also quantitative mineral and geotechnical data produced at client-designated intervals. These comprehensive mineralogical datasets can be sent electronically to any number of geological experts or engineers as the need arises and merge seamlessly into third-party modeling and statistical software packages.

Fundamentally, the HCI-3 complements the mining team’s own qualitative assessments of the core with quantitative mineral assemblage and compositional data. Corescan is the partner of choice for companies demanding greater objectivity, quality, efficiency and value from their drilling programmes.

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